Hemp Balm 11 Herbs

Hemp Balm with 11 Herbs is a great helper in caring for the skin of the whole family. This balm should definitely not be missing from your natural medicine cabinet. You’ll reach for it for every scraped knee, facial rash, burns, eczema, and cold sores. is a great helper in caring for the skin of the whole family. This balm should definitely be in your natural medicine cabinet. You’ll reach for it with every scraped knee, face rash, burns, eczema, and cold sores.

In addition to a high concentration of hemp extract, it contains 11 well-known herbs, including St. John’s Wort, milk thistle, lady’s mantle, and calendula. All these herbs provide complete care for your skin. They have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties and support the body’s natural healing ability. (50ml) 



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Hemp Balm 11 Herbs

Hemp Balm 11 Herbs: Natural remedy

We have enriched the herbs that our grandmothers used to make poultices, ointments, and teas with a high concentration of a hemp extract to create a multifunctional product for the whole family.

Hemp Balm 11 Herbs serves as a first-aid balm not only for inflammatory skin conditions. The gentle power of herbs, combined with full-spectrum hemp extract supports the full regeneration of skin tissue and minimizes the consequences of damage.

10 Tips on How to Use Hemp Balm 11 Herbs

  • For sore muscles
  • To treat varicose veins
  • To soothe irritated skin
  • To alleviate mild skin burns
  • For abrasions, minor wounds, bruises, and contusions
  • To treat cold sores and cracked lips
  • To treat hemorrhoids
  • To soothe bee and mosquito stings
  • For cracked skin on the body (heels, knees, etc.)
  • For skin infections

The 11 herbs balm is a 100% natural product with a subtle scent. It is intended for local treatment. Simply massage it directly into the affected area.

Hemp Balm 11 Herbs

Hemp Balm 11 Herbs

Star Ingredients:

  • Hemp – Hemp oil strengthens the skin’s defenses and its hydrolipidic barrier. It contributes to increasing the amount of ceramides in the skin, keeping it supple, smooth, and hydrated. Among other things, it soothes eczematic symptoms, prevents drying out, and flaking of the skin.
  • St. John’s Wort – St. John’s Wort oil (macerate in olive oil) has highly regenerative effects on the skin after burns, minor wounds, abrasions, and contusions. It is suitable for strengthening massages.
  • Milk Thistle – An ideal oil for treating warts, burns, scars, insect bites, and stings. It provides hydration and elasticity to cracked skin and is also recommended for scar and varicose vein massages.
  • Lady’s Mantle – Honey-sweet lady’s mantle has antispasmodic effects, recommended, for example, for menstrual pain, it soothes heat and moisture from the affected area. It has cooling and balancing effects.
  • Calendula – Moisturizes, hydrates, and soothes. Due to its soothing properties, it is often part of children’s care, where it relieves irritated skin and accelerates the healing process. It is also invaluable in the treatment of eczema or psoriasis.


  • Hemp Oil
  • Mango Butter
  • Calendula Macerate
  • Poppy Seed Oil
  • Organic Sunflower Oil
  • Evening Primrose Oil
  • St. John’s Wort Oil (macerate in olive oil)
  • Organic Beeswax
  • Milk Thistle Oil
  • Dermofeel Viscolid
  • Hemp Extract
  • Vitamin E
  • CO2 Carrot Extract
  • Lemongrass
  • Strawflower
  • Juniper
  • Lavender
  • Lady’s Mantl

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