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The whole story begins on our organic farm, where we grow CBD hemp plants in organic quality, on 2 hectares of land, and from which we obtain hemp oil by cold pressing hemp seeds, and extract cannabinoids – cannabidiol CBD and cannabigerol CBG.

It is these raw materials that form the basis, and also the reason, for the efficiency of our products. We are a Czech company that stands out from the crowd in a time of mass, automated production, by precise manual production. And what we can’t grow ourselves in the Czech lands, we go directly to the processor for: for example, for argan oil and prickly pear oil, we go straight to Morocco.

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We’re passionate about the transformative power of natural oils and extracts – those derived from plants – whether it’s a vegetable, fruit, seed, or flower. We combine these with the cannabinoids CBD and CBG, for unbeatable results.

Natural plant oils are packed full of nature’s super-ingredients; rich in soothing and anti-aging nutrients, while CBD’s antiseptic and regenerative properties rejuvenate skin cells and actively helping slow aging.

Cannor’s natural plant oils penetrate and are absorbed deep into the skin, nourishing and hydrating from the inside out. They don’t sit on the surface of your skin in the same way that creams or water based products do. Cannor products are absorbed into the skin so beautifully that they make a fantastic base for make-up.

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All Cannor products are hand-made, in our very own laboratory. We ensure that every single product is packed full of concentrated and pure natural ingredients, to make for powerful, effective formulas.

We believe that you should only use a product on your skin if you’re happy for it to be absorbed and take its effects in the body. When you’re careful about what you eat, it only makes sense to apply the same rigour to your skincare routine.

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