Vitamin Booster Elixir – Dry Facial Oil Bakuchiol

A dry facial oil that you won’t even notice, but both your skin and those around you will notice the difference. A cocktail full of vitamins and nutrients from pure nature will quickly manifest on your skin: with health, even skin tone, wrinkle reduction, and hydration! You can use it on its own, as a non-greasy makeup base, or as a substitute for a nourishing serum under your favorite cream. (20ml)


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Vitamin Booster Elixir – Dry Facial Oil Bakuchiol

Vitamin Booster Elixir – Dry Facial Oil Bakuchiol

Vitamin Elixir Dry Facial Oil Bakuchiol will pamper every skin type. It is blended as the foundation of further skincare – its effectiveness rivals that of expensive serums, and it doesn’t contain a drop of chemicals. Plus, it might just become the only thing you need.

10 cold-pressed oils are blended as a strongly regenerative mixture that protects the skin in every situation.

Bakuchiol as a retinol alternative

Thanks to Bakuchiol, it enhances the skin’s resistance to oxidative stress, stimulates collagen and elastin production, and reduces fine wrinkles. Unlike vitamin A, it doesn’t cause redness, increased skin sensitivity, and it’s photostable, allowing for daily use.

Vitamin Elixir with Bakuchiol

Poppy, milk thistle, hemp oil, and hemp extract contain a range of minerals and vitamins, and they come directly from Czech fields.

The included seaweed Laminaria ochroleuca protects skin cells from UV radiation, soothes, and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Do you know schisandra?

The herb that calms reactive skin manifestations and helps with problematic and atopic skin, in addition to effective hemp extract, is schisandra.

Vitamin Elixir - Dry Facial Oil Bakuchiol & CBD

Ingredients – Dry Facial Oil

Rosehip Oil, Virgin Hemp Oil, Argan Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Poppy Seed Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Milk Thistle Oil, Macadamia Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil, Pomegranate Oil, Hemp Extract, Perfect C Ester, Bakuchiol, Schisandra, Antileukine, Vitamin E, Vanilla Extract, Linden, Yuzu.

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20 ml, vzorek 1 ml

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