Detox Tea

Detox Tea: This natural herbal detox blend supports the body’s cleansing and helps eliminate harmful substances from the body. The balanced herbal blend effectively promotes detoxification and enhances your body’s defense mechanisms. It contributes to strengthening your immunity. (50g)


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Detox Tea

The unique combination of herbs supports the detoxification process, primarily benefiting the liver and kidneys.

Well-functioning liver, kidneys, and digestive system are essential prerequisites for effective detoxification.

During the cleansing period, we recommend drinking Cannor Detox Blend 1-2 times a day and ensuring an adequate intake of pure water. Suitable as a course for 6 weeks. Additionally, during this time, it is advisable to include 1-2 salt baths per week. You can choose from the Cannor Hemp and Rose bath salt or the Hemp and Lavender bath salt options.

Detox Tea, herbal tea, Cannor, Herbal blend
Detox Tea, herbal tea, Cannor, Herbal blend

How to prepare Detox Tea

Pour one teaspoon (1.5g) into 250 ml of boiling water, let it steep in a covered container for 15 minutes, and strain.

Always prepare the infusion fresh. Drink it warm 1-2 times a day.

Prepare your last cup no later than 5 PM, as it contains Yerba maté, which contains caffeine.

Nature at your service

  • Peony flower was previously added to various love potions and beverages.
  • Marigold flower has very favorable effects on the liver, gallbladder, and digestive tract. It detoxifies the body and overall harmonizes digestion.
  • Yerba maté has antioxidant effects, increases overall energy, and prevents aging. It also helps reduce body weight and blood lipids. Due to its caffeine content, it has a diuretic effect and reduces swelling caused by fluid retention of various origins.
  • Sweet fennel fruit supports the normal functioning of the liver, including detoxification. It acts as an antioxidant, thereby strengthening the body’s natural defenses and contributing to normal intestinal function and a healthy heart. Fennel also helps with urine excretion and overall detoxification.
  • Dandelion root contributes to body cleansing, can alleviate fatigue, and improve skin.
  • Hemp leaves enhance the body’s resilience.

Ingredients: Peony flower, Marigold flower, Cornflower flower, Yerba maté, Sweet fennel fruit, Dandelion root, Hemp leaves, Lemon peel, Cinnamon bark, Dried orange peel

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