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Cannor reviews - from costumers: Regenerative Elixir, facial oil

Must buy! bought the Cannor elixir oil and vitamin booster. Use it daily! all natural and loads of cold press oils.  – Rita

Thanks Cannor for the advice on my acne, didn’t think i could use oils on acne. so thank you for the education on how to use it, my skins looking great. – Pauline

Mum absolutely loves her birthday gift! all the anti aging and hydrating oils has now made her only want Cannor. – Cindy

Cannor Elixir oil. recommend for problematic skin. Has calmed my skin and reduced my scaring. – Caroline

Best smelling face oil. the ylang ylang and sweet almond, so good. – Jane

I was never a big fan of scrubs and peels, mainly because I have acne and I heard somewhere that it just stirs up the skin and spreads everything around. Let alone buying the same scrub again. However, this one totally won me over, and I would use it every day! The results are visible immediately after the first use. It works best in combination with Cannor products, but this scrub wonderfully removes old skin and flakes, smoothes the skin, leaving it amazingly juicy, well-circulated, and above all, well-nourished! Truly fantastic, highly recommended! – Vanda

Cannor reviews - from costumers, face and body scrub
Cannor reviews - from costumers, Hemp Recovery Salve

Friend bought me the Cannor Salve for my sons eczema….have to say its really helped. been using it on backs of legs and arms. moisturises and seems to been healing the sores and cracked skin. – Martina

Bought for my daughter as she has psoriasis and it has really worked, been using it for just over 2 weeks and its keeping it at bay. – Andrea

5 stars from me. my skin irritations have gone! always getting cracked skin no matter the time of year. The salve is a god send. Thanks Cannor. – Catherine

Beautiful and calming fragrance. I recommend it.
– Jane

Absolutely fantastic fresh fragrance … I can recommend it, it’s completely fresh. – Jacob

Cannor reviews - from costumers, Calm & Relax pillow spray,
Cannor reviews - from costumers, Lip Treatment,

Lip balm treatment my new fav! – Marianne

Love my new lip balm! – Melissa

Cannor is the Czech best kept secret! their skin care is fantastic! Thank god they in the UK now. lip balm and face oils are really doing it for me. – Mary

I am over 50 and tried many varieties of natural products. I came across Cannor through a friend and i am so impressed with the brand. No nasty ingredients, all natural and made so well! The amount of cold press oils and essential oils in one bottle if wonderful! its like feeding the skin! I have noticed my skin is more plump and fine lines have reduced so much. skin feels soft and plump. Very impressed and would highly recommend.  – Clare

OMG love love love Cannor’s night balm. honestly never thought I would see such great results so fast. wake up with plump skin. absorbs quickly and feel luxurious on the skin. Best night balm EVER! – Olivia

Such a fan of Cannor’s products. now only use them for my face care routine. Cleansing oil, elixir and vitamin booster in the morning and cleanser and night balm at night. Being all natural and organic makes it even better, and the prices for great too. really is money well spent. – Kelsea

Cannor reviews - from costumers, Stoechiol Night Balm, Cannor
Rejuvenating Face serum, Cannor, Cannor reviews - from costumers

Bought the serum by chance after seeing it online, and i am now on my third bottle! i use it daily and am wearing less and less makeup as my skin is looking great! healthy glowing smooth. rich texture and natural ingredients. Everyone must add this to your skin care routine. – Jamila

Best natural skin care i have come across ever! happy repeat customer 🙂 – Livie

Switched to Cannor’s Collagen from another well known brand, and must say quality seems so much better, its easier and way more  convenient as its in the sachet bags. – Elisabeth

Love the fact I can throw a few sachets in my bag so no way am i forgetting to take it daily. before if I didn’t take it in the morning before i left the house i may forget all together. brilliant that i can travel with them. – Marie Claire

Less hair breakage, thicker nails. Cannor 5g daily collagen. – Petra

Cannor beef collagen is halal people! buy buy buy! no more fish collagen. High quality beef collagen. – Lilly

Bought the collagen, arrive next day, 1 month supply, in sachets so no measuring out. – Lucy

Collagen drink, Cannor, Cannor reviews - from costumers
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