“Take your skin routine to the next level, with Cannor.

The clean and pure ingredients help vitalize your skin.”

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Cannor Vogue
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Cannor Harpers Bazaar

Facial Elixir with CBD

Want instantly happier, fresher skin with a healthy glow?
Start with Cannor facial Elixir.


Cleansing Balm Blue Tansy & CBD

The luxurious cleansing balm, with its high concentration of CBD, will win you over with its irresistible aroma and its multifunctional use.

Our customers say…



  “After a few days of use, I already feel a huge difference. I manage stress better, I sleep better, and I would even say that my skin has improved. I have to try other products of yours. Thank you 🙂


  “This is a miracle that really saved me 🙂 In the autumn, my skin, my extremely dry spots and red spots (probably eczema), got very bad. So, on the recommendation of a friend, I decided to try Cannor, which I didn’t even know about until then. All winter I used the night ointment on my face, and now, after three months, my skin is beautifully clean again, with no sign of eczema or dry spots anywhere. So it was definitely SUPER for me, and I can recommend it 🙂


  “The best CBD drops I’ve ever tried. They effectively help you sleep. Thanks to them, I can sleep well. Thank you very much, and I can only recommend them”

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