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I’ve been using pure natural oils for a few years now, but this one is a total miracle! The combination of all of the ingredients is great, and healing for every skin type. Personally, it helps me incredibly with acne, unifies skin tone, softens, and heals old wounds! I recommend it 🙂

Mishel M.

“There is nothing to add here. This elixir healed me once and for all and incredibly improved my skin. It’s a little miracle!”

Jane Barry

I’ve never been much of a fan of scrubs and peels, mainly because I have acne and somewhere I’ve heard that it just soars the skin and spreads it all around. let alone buy the same scrub again. but this one totally got me and I would like to use it every day! the results can be seen immediately upon first use. Cannor products work best together, but this scrub beautifully gets rid of older skin and scales, softens the skin, which is wonderfully juicy after it, perfused and, most importantly, very nourished! really awesome, I highly recommend! 🙂

Samantha Howell

After the skin elixir, another great product that I tried from you.
I have been using it for 14 days, together with the exercise and the results are really visibl.


Another stone 🙂. I use it on neckline and I can’t praise myself.

Sophie Graham

Another product that I fell in love with after the skin elixir and regenerating ointment! It has a delicate characteristic odor and the skin is beautifully smooth after it.

Amy Ross

Best CBD oil I have ever tried, I use it for stress, anxiety and when I can’t sleep and it really helps. Thank you and I highly recommend it to everyone

Eva Morley

The best CBD oil! I have tried different brands, but I always come back to Cannor, because I find their oil works the best. I’ve really noticed that with CBD oils it’s the quality that matters so much, not just the percentage of CBD. This is the only thing which helps me with insomnia!

Amelia B.

Amazing regenerating ointment! it is really proper, dense and very nourishing, but it is beautifully absorbed, soothed and treated into the skin. together with the elixir, it relieved me of itching and tension of the skin and eczema on my face. It cured most of my acne and helped me unify my skin, which is no longer so greasy and does not dry out at the same time. I highly recommend.


I bought it to my mother and sister and they both praise the ointment for its regenerative effects.

Emma Schmitt

Absolutely the best! It helped me a lot with skin problems. I used it for atopic eczema and it really works! Perhaps the best I’ve ever tried. Thank you.

Gracie Stone

Absolutely fantastic fresh scent… .. I can recommend, it’s completely fresh.

Niamh N.

Beautiful and soothing scent. I recommend it.

Zara Yudina

Perfect lip care. Very nice balm and really puts your lips in order quickly. I recommend!

Eve Harris

Four Seasons Prague

and Cannor

Cannor has become the leading Czech cosmetics brand in the five-star hotel Four Seasons, in the historic part of Prague.

Our CBD face oil and CBD massage oil is used for full body massage and facial treatment in the luxury AVA SPA at the luxury.

At the Four Seasons Hotel custommers can experience these unique treatments, with 100% organic hand made CBD skincare products CANNOR.

The full body massage with CBD oil was primarily designed specifically for the winter season. However, the skin and consequently the whole body will benefit all year round. Hemp oil moisturizes the skin, helps relieve muscle tension, reduces inflammation and reduces stress. Combined with warm lava stones placed along the stressed spine and neck, blood circulation is improved, critical areas are warmed and overall relaxation is achieved.

Grandhotel Pupp Karlsbad

and Cannor

The unique Cannor CBD skincare ritual now in Grandhotel Pupp, Karlsbad

Customers will now be able to indulge in Cannor’s unique CBD spa treatments in the wellness centre of the iconic Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary. The hotel spa has expanded its range of massages, body and facial treatments. Among other things, a branded ritual using the Czech hemp cosmetics Cannor has been added.

Grandhotel Pupp’s unique Cannor CBD experience enhances the beneficial and pampering massage with the extraordinary effects of CBD on the body’s skin. Cannor’s revolutionary range of products are blended with active compounds from the cannabis plant and other organic ingredients to help remove signs of stress, tension and fatigue.

organic CBD facial rituals at

floras cottages

Our unique CBD facial treatments at Floras Cottages in New Jersey, USA

Customers will now be able to indulge in Cannor’s unique CBD spa treatments at Floras Cottages day spa.

The effect of CBD is enhanced by a gentle body and facial massage along with a gua sha treatment. Gua sha improves the skin’s moisture level and its nourishment and oxygen supply from within, as it activates blood and lymphatic circulation and relieves muscle tension. It helps to sculpt facial contours and brightens skin tone.

The secret of CBD facial treatments, offered in the unique environment of Floras Cottages, lies in its unique composition, which allows absorption into the deepest layers of the skin and works in harmony with the body’s natural biological processes.


Medical Institut Pilsen

and Cannor

Medical Institut, the largest comprehensive aesthetic centre in the Pilsen region, has taken a liking to Cannor CBD facial oil as part of its anti-acne treatment.

Our Elixir is recommended for clients to use several times a day after the procedure and the results are truly miraculous within a week.

It is not only Cannor CBD facil oil that happy clients take away from the Medical Institute, where professionalism and care come first.

The Body Serum with CBD, which is appreciated by women for firming the skin and reducing cellulite, has also gained popularity. Along with Cannor CBD hemp salve. The right helper for people suffering from eczematous skin.



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