Rejuvenating CBD Face Mask – Prickly Pear & Jasmine

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The precious prickly pear oil has its nickname “natural lifting” rightly. The extraordinary composition of nutrients makes prickly pear oil an exceptionally powerful weapon against the signs of aging. It promotes collagen production, helps brighten under-eye circles, lighten pigment spots and literally iron out fine lines around the eyes and lips!


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Rejuvenating CBD Face Mask –

Prickly Pear & Jasmin

Rejuvenating face mask for mature skin replaces expensive beauty salon treatments. Organic prickly pear oil, precious jasmine oil and jasmine wax act as natural lifting agents, while the unconventional kokum butter reduces skin cell degradation.

    The green opuntia mask with jasmine is especially suitable for demanding skin, for which conventional natural cosmetics are not enough. It is the most expensive of all our masks, as it contains the most expensive ingredients that slow down the signs of ageing, provide sufficient hydration and nourishment and have a firming effect.

    • Prickly pear oil – also called natural botox, has excellent regenerating and softening effects, anti-wrinkles, redness of the skin and reduces feelings of tightness.
    • Precious Jasmine oil – a luxurious experience, a night flower, the “king of flowers” captivating and appealing aroma. The oil has rejuvenating effects, relieves tension, restlessness, anxiety, induces a feeling of joy
    • Jasmine wax – strong jasmine scent, brings a rich softening effect to the skin.

    How to Use Rejuvenating CBD Face Mask – Prickly Pear & Jasmine

    Always apply to perfectly cleansed and gently moisturized skin. With your fingertips massage a thin, even layer of the mask over clean skin. Lie back and relax for 10 to 20 minutes, than remove with a damp worm cloth. Use weekly.


    Rejuvenating CBD Face Mask – Prickly Pear & Jasmine

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