Vladimír Pažítka, 

“How was CANNOR born? Originally, I wanted to create ordinary hemp cosmetics, and increase awareness of the healing effects of cannabis. I imagined production in the Czech Republic, with export abroad, as I had stayed outside my homeland for several years. More and more often, however, I came across the opinion that if hemp is really able to help people with various skin problems, it’s necessary to create purely natural cosmetics, without using oil derivatives or chemical preservatives.”

I soon came to believe in the power of natural substances that excel in their effectiveness, and gradually assembled a team of professionals who would help me in an effort to create a quality CBD products, without compromise.

Our common goal is to educate the general public about the properties of CBD, and to prove its positive effects on human health, with the help of CANNOR cosmetics and food supplements.”

Iveta Šplíchalová, 
Social Media

Although Iveta has not been with us at Cannor from the very beginning, she loves the products – they connect everything she loves: Czech production, a healthy lifestyle and unique recipes, led by new age gold – CBD.

Iveta is the person who communicates with you on Instagram and Facebook, where she is in charge of all of our content, creativity, and customer care. She answers your questions and responds virtually non-stop.

In her free time, you will most often see her on a bike or on the road. From time to time, she combines the two, and sets off on a pilgrimage across Europe. During her travels, she has to rely on herself, sometimes sleeping under the stars, or coping with uncomfortable situations, which has taught her to perceive nature and take care of her body a little differently. Since then, purely natural cosmetics have become irreplaceable for her!

Ing. Michaela Křivská

A graduate in the field of chemistry of natural substances at the Institute of Chemical Technology in Prague. Michaela is responsible for the quality of Cannor products, the development and innovation of which she took over in the summer of 2020. Due to her enthusiasm, expertise, and knowledge of plant extracts and natural substances, there is no doubt that she is the right person for the job, and she really puts her heart into it.

Even as early as during her chemistry studies, she recognized the unfortunate consequences of substances commonly found in conventional cosmetics, and she decided to go the natural route. At Cannor, she was immediately captivated by the high efficiency of the individual products, especially the incorporation of cannabinoids. She made a commitment to herself, to elevate the new formulas even more, while remaining true to the brand’s original philosophy.

In the laboratory, a whole new skin line is being created under her very capable hands, for even the most demanding customer.

Lucie van Koten, 
PR Manager

Lucie makes sure that Cannor is seen in the media. Her task is to find ways to introduce the brand to the general public, along with the beneficial effects of CBD, and the benefits of natural cosmetics.

As a promoter of purely natural cosmetics and a sustainable lifestyle, she especially appreciates local products, with simple, yet maximally effective composition, that helps the customer, and doesn’t harm the environment.

Cannor meets her principles to the letter.

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