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CBD is one of the main active compounds found in the hemp plant, known as cannabinoids. It’s completely natural, organic, and non-psychoactive.

According to the results of several large-scale scientific studies, human breast milk contains the same cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, which are necessary for proper physical development.

Cell membranes in the body are naturally equipped with these endocannabinoid receptors which, when activated by cannabinoids and various other nutrients, can protect cells from viruses, harmful bacteria, cancer, and other damage.

CB1 and CB2


In the human body, there are two types of these receptors: type CB1, which is found primarily in the brain, and the type of CB2, which occurs in the immune system and in the rest of the body.

Each of these receptors responds to cannabinoids, whether they come from breast milk, in the case of children, or from hemp, in the case of adults.

This essentially means that the human body creates, and actually needs cannabinoids. These nutrients play a key role in protecting the cells from diseases. Promoting immune function, protecting the brain and nervous system, and relieving both pain and inflammation, which can be caused by, and a cause of, illness.

Medicinal Cannabis is a range of special varieties that contain THC at a higher rate than legal, industrial hemp. Approved varieties do not contain THC, but they contain hundreds of other interesting substances, some of which, such as Cannabidiol, show enormous potential.




is only found in large quantities in hemp plants. It could, according to many studies, relieve symptoms, and even cure serious diseases. Above all, it can treat various types of inflammations.

Cannabidiol itself is therefore a distinct anti-inflammatory substance, and can have a very positive effect on skin affected by acne, eczema, or psoriasis.

Using CBD regularly can help prevent skin damage, such as wrinkles, as well as slowing down skin aging.




Products with CBD are mainly used to help treat eczema and acne, and can also bring long-term relief from other skin problems.

Cannabidiol is an amazing, natural remedy, extracted from cannabis plants, and that doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. This active ingredient helps to combat many different problems, with no risk of adverse side effects, unlike with conventional drugs and medicines.

In combination with other high quality, cold-pressed 100% oils, it really is a “must have” in your skin care regime.

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